Questions for ambulance staff around the use of the Clinical Frailty Scale

Closed 9 Aug 2019

Opened 5 Jul 2019


The Acute Frailty – SDEC sub group overall aim is to support hospital teams to implement frailty services as an integral part of the care provided to patients presenting at an SDEC service.

There are a number of different formats for assessing clinical frailty, the most common method is to assess a patient’s frailty status using the clinical frailty scale this is sometimes but not always based on the Rockwood scale.


Why We Are Consulting


  • to find out how much the clinical frailty scale is used by ambulance staff in their routine encounters with patients.
  • How much training ambulance staff have in assessing clinical frailty in the undergraduate and postgraduate setting.


In order to gain some understanding on the use of the clinical frailty scale a series of short questions have been developed to capture this information from ambulance staff/paramedics.