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Closed 31 Mar 2019

Opened 13 Nov 2018


NHS Improvement and NHS England are responsible for publishing the national tariff and intend to consult on the proposals for the 2019/20 National Tariff Payment System in early 2019.

In accordance with s.118(1) of the Health and Social Care Act 2012, Monitor (now NHS Improvement) must send a notice of these proposals to all licensed providers and unlicensed providers who provide NHS healthcare services where there is a proposed national price. We are aware of all of the licensed providers but are undertaking steps to identify the unlicensed ones.

Only unlicensed providers that provide NHS services for which there is a national price may object to any method proposed under s.118(3)(b) of the act. These providers must complete this online form so that they can be included within the market share calculation.

Unlicensed providers of NHS healthcare services where there is no (proposed) national price may comment on any of the policy proposals contained in the consultation notice.

Please note that we can only accept one nominated person per organisation and it is this person who must register any objection to the proposed tariff. If a different person fills in the survey, the objection may not be counted.

Please fill in this form stating the name of the nominated person, their contact details, the name of the commissioning organisation, the HRG codes and the value of the tariff for each organisation.


The information provided will only be used in relation to NHS Improvement's statutory functions.