IAPT data submission survey

Closed 27 Sep 2018

Opened 13 Sep 2018


Background to this survey

In August 2018, a decision was made by NHS Improvement to restructure collection of mental health (MH) and Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) patient-level costing (PLICS) data, so that the two would be collected separately rather than as on collection.

This was due to further requirements needed for IAPT and separating the collections allowed the PLICS MH collection to progress in the timeframe originally planned while also progressing IAPT collection at in an appropriate and pace.

Why we are consulting

About the survey itself

This short survey is designed to discover what impacts, if any, progressing with separate collections for mental health and IAPT may have.

It asks these five questions:

  1. Are you happy to submit your IAPT data separately?
  2. Do you plan to submit your IAPT data?
  3. Whether you are able to submit your IAPT data?
  4. If you are able to submit IAPT data, are there any challenges or considerations that may result from submission?
  5. If you are unable to submit IAPT data separately, what are the specific barriers to that?

Provider feedback is crucial to our learning from this and very gratefully received, so we would very much encourage and thank you for your participation.