Costing Standards Documentation Integration proposal

Closed 11 Oct 2018

Opened 4 Oct 2018


Reflecting on feedback, we are looking to simplify the Costing Standards documents for release next year.

As PLICS has developed, so have the number of supporting documents – to simplify things for users, we want to move from separate service by service standards towards creating a fully integrated document set.

There will always be a need for bespoke acute, mental health, ambulance and community documents, but in many cases content is similar or same and can be rationalised.

The proposal spreadsheet (emailed separately to Costing Standards TFG members) outlines the plans we are proposing for the standards themselves, the technical document and timelines for any changes.

Summary of proposals:

  • We are proposing a phased integration of the documents over the next two years to ensure that we integrate documents when they are stable
  • The products will contain content for all sectors, with sector specific appendices
  • Ambulance sector texts will remain standalone

Why we are consulting

This short survey seeks to gauge broad support (or otherwise) for the proposals, and allow users to detail their support or disagreements, make suggestions and ask questions.