Approved Costing Guidance review and feedback - acute, MH, community

Closed 5 Dec 2019

Opened 13 Nov 2019


Acute, mental health and community sector survey

Please note this survey relates only to acute, mental health and community trusts. Ambulance trusts should complete this survey.

This survey is part of the review and feedback exercise of the Approved Costing Guidance (previously known as 'the consultation') which gives all stakeholders the opportunity to express their thoughts on the proposed standards with regard to their practicality, achievability and implementation. For the first time, we are also asking more detailed questions relating to specific changes made to individual standards and to the technical document. 

We appreciate your time in completing this survey. If you do not have time to review all of the material, we would ask that you prioritise changed areas and those that are most important to your trust. There is a link at the bottom of this page to the full suite of Tranche 1 documentation on the Online Learning Platform (including one which summarises the major changes). There is also a PDF of the questions in this survey.

In giving your answers please remember to include the paragraph number when referring to specific areas of the documentation.