PSIMS API feedback

Closed 31 Dec 2019

Opened 25 Oct 2019


NHS England and Improvement has statutory duties to collect patient safety information from all providers of NHS-funded care, and to provide advice and guidance on reducing risks to patient safety, supporting the delivery of better outcomes for patients.

The large majority of patient safety incidents collected is first recorded on local risk management systems (LRMS) and uploaded in batches to NHS England and Improvement. NHS organisations are free to adopt whichever LRMS best meets their local needs.

NHS England and Improvement is developing a new patient safety incident management system (PSIMS) to be the single port of call for recording, accessing, sharing and learning from patient safety incidents, in order to support improvement in the safety of NHS-funded services at all levels of the health system.

PSIMS’ architecture allows two-way communication between PSIMS and LRMS via application programming interfaces (APIs).

This survey aims to collect views and suggestions from LRMS product designers and developers on PSIMS APIs and documentation.

Many thanks for your feedback,

Marcos Manhaes