Pensions Tax 19/20 Scheme Pays Agreement

Closed 11 Feb 2020

Opened 3 Feb 2020


Following the recent Pensions Webinars and support put in place for HRDs around the 19/20 Pension Tax Impacts letter from Simon Stevens and Amanda Pritchard, NHE England and NHS Improvement Finance and Performance teams are working to monitor the impact of the 19/20 Scheme Pays Agreement on the availability of clinical staff and the contributions to Winter Planning. 

Please can you complete the attached short survey to help us understand the impact on releasing additional workforce capacity and to inform our continued planning and support.  

What Happens Next

The information that you have provided will be used by NHS England and Improvement to understand the implementation and impact of the Pensions Tax 19/20 Scheme Pays Agreement.  Where you have indicated a requirement for further support your details will be given to Helen Laing for direct follow up. 

Thank you for your feedback