Consultation on the National CORE LIST of Pre-Employment Vaccinations/Serology/Screening Survey

Closed 18 Jun 2019

Opened 29 May 2019



A national workshop was held in February 2019, at which a CORE LIST of pre-employment vaccinations/serology/screening was proposed by NHS Occupational Health leads. 

NHS Improvement is working with the NHS Health at Work Network to seek your agreement to this list, or your proposed amendments, so this can be developed into a ‘nationally approved’ CORE LIST.  We will use your response as a record of your agreement, or not, to the proposed list.

Please do take the 10 minutes to complete this important survey so we can develop a CORE LIST of pre-employment vaccinations/serology/screening which is adopted across England.  

The survey should be completed by no later than 14th June 2019.  

If you do not feel you are the right person in your department/service to give your approval, please forward to the most appropriate person.  Please provide one response only for your Service. 

The current proposed list is detailed below:


^ Refer to the Green Book ‘Immunisation against infectious disease’

*Identity Validated Sample (IVS) required


What Happens Next

Thank you for taking the time to approve/share your views on the CORE LIST and naming convention.  We will feed the results back through the monthly NHS Health at Work Network bulletin.