Non Emergency Patient Transport Services CCG Data Request

Closed 18 Jan 2019

Opened 28 Dec 2018


Following the publication of ‘The Inclusive Transport Strategy: Achieving Equal Access for Disabled People’ by the Department for Transport in July 2018, the following was stated:

  1. The Department of Health and Social Care will ensure that the central guidance on patient transport service eligibility is updated so that patient transport services are delivered efficiently and consistently across England.
  2. NHS England and NHS Improvement will jointly undertake a scoping exercise in relation to a wider review of patient transport services. This analysis will inform the approach to refreshing the guidance.

As such NHS Improvement and NHS England will conduct a high-level exploration of the Non Emergency Patient Transport Service (NEPTS) (specifically typified by the non-urgent, planned, transportation of patients with a medical need for transport to and from a premises providing NHS healthcare and between NHS healthcare providers). We will review the following areas:

  1. fragility and sustainability of the current market
  2. variation in commissioning and contracts
  3. variation in eligibility criteria
  4. variation in performance against standards

The data will be requested over a two-week period, after which it will be collated and analysed by NHS Improvement and NHS England. This data collection exercise will commence on 28th December 2018 and the deadline for returns is 14th January 2019.

Please note, there is space for information for up to 10 NEPTS providers, if applicable, e.g. if you have one NEPTS provider, please complete section A, B, C and Provider 1 (containing section D, E and F); if you have three NEPTS providers, please complete section A, B, C and Provider 1, 2 and 3 (all containing section D, E and F).