Ward Accreditation Improvement Day: Planning further support

Closed 7 Jan 2020

Opened 11 Dec 2019


The Ward Accreditation Improvement Day was held on the 18th of November and attended by 24 London orgainsations and this is the first step in planning folow up support from the outcomes of the day.

Why We Are Consulting

At the Ward Accreditation Improvement Day we asked the participants to answer the following questions

  1. Top 3 priorities and next steps
  2. What support would be helpful?
  3. How can you work with other Trusts to share learning and development?
  4. What is the most important thing that you will take away from today?

As an outcome of this survey, it is clear that participants would like furthre support esspecially focusing on metrics and peer review processes.

This survey aims to clarify what support may be helpful.