Covid-19: Workforce update data collection

Closes 30 Jun 2021

Opened 31 Mar 2020


During this period, Estates and Facilities teams across the country are likely to be affected by staff shortages, which will challenge their operation. It is critical that we work together as a system to ensure everyone has the staffing they need to keep our hospitals operational and patients safe.

A newly established central EFM Workforce Support Function will analyse demand, critical staffing levels and capacity within the NHS Estates and Facilities workforce, including those employed through outsourced service providers across all NHS trusts.

To do this, we are undertaking this collection on your workforce. Please update on a weekly basis as a minimum. More frequent updates will allow better analysis and demand modelling. Please update on critical staffing level as necessary. You are asked to submit data on six staff groups; Management and Supervisory, Hard FM, Soft FM, Compliance and Medical Electronics.

Each staff group is assigned a page, as follows:

Management and Supervisory page

Director, Senior Managers, Manager

Hard FM page

Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Authorised Persons

Soft FM page

Cleaners (Housekeepers), Porters, Catering Staff, Security

Compliance page

Fire Safety, Water Safety

Medical Electronics page


Please use your best endeavours to input accurate information, however, estimated numbers are acceptable.