Elective Care 2019: improving patient experience

Closes 31 May 2019

Opened 7 May 2019


The Elective Care Transformation Programme is leading transformative change to ensure patients needing planned care see the right person, in the right place, first and every time, and get the best possible outcomes, delivered in the most efficient way.

The Elective Care Essentials Programme has been designed to support managers to improve the breadth and depth of their knowledge and expertise regarding the key components of elective care that underpin and support sustainable delivery of RTT, cancer and diagnostic waiting times. 


This questionnaire is aimed at the staff that attended the Elective Care 2019 - improving patient experience event: secondary care operational managers who have day-to-day responsibility for the management of elective services and for the delivery of operational standards for their services. This may be a specific specialty or set of specialties, or an administrative department or function. We are seeking to:


  1. build relationships with staff within elective care
  2. identify key topics that participants found most useful
  3. improve future events
  4. build a community to encourage learning and development


We believe there has never been a more receptive climate for change in the NHS, and with your feedback we can continue to provide impactful and informative events.


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