Share your views - National Patient Safety Alerts

Closes 1 Jan 2021

Opened 30 Jan 2020


The way in which national organisations develop and issue safety alerts is changing.

A range of national bodies and teams have issued alerts, messages, notices and similar safety communications to healthcare providers for many years. These communications required action by healthcare providers to reduce the risk of serious harm to patients.

However, insights from continued reports of incidents that the alerts were intended to address, from workshops, from inspections, and from reviews showed these systems were not as effective as they needed to be.

What does this mean for providers?

Each provider must fundamentally review the systems it has for implementing the actions required by National Patient Safety Alerts, including revising its policies, processes and governance systems. These Alerts typically require action to be coordinated and taken once on behalf of the whole organisation. Therefore, traditional methods of dealing with alerts via dissemination to multiple teams, divisions or directorates cannot deliver the actions required by National Patient Safety Alerts. The new system requires executive oversight (or the equivalent in organisations without executive boards).


Why We Are Consulting

We would like to gather your views on the new National Patient Safety Alerts (NatPSA).

We would like to understand how the new NatPSA is being received and how these alerts are being actioned within your organisation. You can see examples of the new alerts issued to date here and here .

If you have any queries please do contact us at  We look forward to hearing from you


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