LASA Survey 2019

Closed 31 Jul 2019

Opened 8 Apr 2019

Results expected 31 Aug 2019

Feedback expected 25 Sep 2019


The NRLS, Professional organisations, Safety teams, National bodies and international groups are made aware of combinations of medication names and packaging that are confused and lead to patient harm. In the absence of an agreed valid generalisable method for ranking the potential of pairs of medicines to be confused, this survey is using a Delphi approach looking for Kappa agreement coefficients above 0.7 for the likelihood of confusion and harm. It is anticipated that this will be repeated on a periodic basis to account for new medicines and packaging. The results will be married with other work to identify barriers that may minimise LASA confusion error.

Why We Are Consulting

To provide a structured method for assessing the likelihood of LASA error and to benefit from the combined knowledge and judgement of healthcare practitioners who are in a position to make such judgements.

What Happens Next

We will review the responses and analyse them for agreement. If there are obvious discrepancies, we may come back to you [or your team] as to your response. If necessary, we will re-survey to fine tune our understanding and gain the required agreement