UKOA Quarterly Meeting - Focus on the multidisciplinary team, advanced clinical practice and extended roles

Closed 13 Jun 2019

Opened 30 Jan 2019


The next national UKOA meeting will be devoted to the topic of optimising the role of the non-medical ophthalmology workforce. Please cascade this to all your relevant colleagues including clinical  and nursing leads, consultants, ophthalmic nurses, hospital optometrists and orthoptists. 
Ophthalmology services are experiencing serious difficulties due to demand for care being greater than the service capacity we have.  It is crucial that we optimise our use of the whole multidisciplinary clinical team and many units are pursuing or wish to pursue expansion of roles and use of non-medical workforce at the top or their skill set and abilities. However, there is no national framework  to support this, and units and staff are often working in isolation to try and achieve change. The UKOA is  working to try and improve this situation and help units and practitioners to change to achieve what they need to deliver safer care using the whole team well.  
During the day we will share learning across different units on the practical steps to develop and deliver services with enhanced non medical roles, examine and discuss information on key issues such as banding of staff, training and supervision, and work together on draft UKOA resources (guidelines, protocols, competencies etc) which will be published and usable by all units nationally.