GIRFT Paediatric Trauma & Orthopaedics questionnaire

Closed 9 Jul 2020

Opened 2 Jun 2020


Thank you for completing the first data collection for the GIRFT Paediatric Trauma & Orthopaedics workstream. This is the second-part of the data collection process. We are collecting these data to inform discussion when we meet with your Trust. 

We are collecting data for two purposes. Firstly, data on the post-COVID recovery of services and secondly, data that we would normally have collected just prior to a visit. As GIRFT visits are highly unlikely to resume in their previous form we need these data to enrich both the National Report and your Trust’s Provider Level Report which will be prepared and delivered in some format. These questions will most easily be answered by your lead paediatric orthopaedic surgeon so please pass on to them.

Please complete this questionnaire by, no later than, Friday 26th June 2020.

Please also complete a single return for your Trust. Spinal surgery should not be included in the questionnaire responses.