GIRFT Rheumatology Covid Questionnaire

Closed 9 Aug 2020

Opened 10 Jul 2020


Dear Clinical Lead

Thank you very much for completing this short questionnaire. 

We hope that this will be a temperature check of changes in rheumatology departments during this pandemic and will help to give context our forthcoming virtual visits and to the rheumatology GIRFT National Report. You should be able to complete this questionnaire without having to look up any data (please give rough estimates) and please do add any free text that will help us to build a picture of how services are coping and delivering services. We may want to repeat this questionnaire for a picture of how things are changing.

Should you need clarification, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

Dr Lesley Kay
Co-Clinical Lead for GIRFT Rheumatology

Dr Peter Lanyon
Co-Clinical Lead for GIRFT Rheumatology

Prof Alex MacGregor
Clinical Advisor for GIRFT Rheumatology

Rachel Davies
Project Manager

Why your views matter

What happens next

The information gathered here will be used to inform the GIRFT Rheumatology National Report, in terms of contextualising how the environment has changed for rheumatology departments across the country. It will also inform virtual deep dive conversations once they commence again in August 2020.