GIRFT Crisis/Acute Mental Health Questionnaire

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Closes 20 Oct 2019


We are collecting Trust level data in the survey, although some questions may require input from other inviduals. If you require a PDF version of the survey to aid you in collecting information from others, please respond to the original email to request this.

If your Trust prefers to do more than one response because there is large internal variation between major subunits, please indicate the total number of submissions and detail the hospital/site name in each. (A major sub-unit would be at least  250k population).

Please try to answer all questions in the questionnaire, even if the response is "No", "0" or "not applicable (N/A)". 

Some Trust's have had issues with the 'save and come back' option on the questionnaire.  Please try to complete the response in one go, and we can provide a PDF version to help with data collection if needs be. If you submit the survey before it is completed, this cannot be re-opened.


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