GIRFT coding questionnaire

Closed 28 Feb 2019

Opened 26 Nov 2018


Coding underpins activity metrics, payment for Trusts and epidemiological data.  Despite this, coding still has a relatively low profile within provider organisations and is understood to a varying degree by clinicians. 

Each of the GIRFT reports published to date has recommended that extra work is undertaken to improve data quality, and the programme has now set up a coding cross-cutting theme, recognising coding’s crucial role in improving data quality for a variety of purposes.

This questionnaire is being sent to the coding lead or manager in every NHS Trust in England. It is the first step in the theme, gathering together a community whom it can understand and represent. We are seeking to:

  1. build relationships with coding departments
  2. identify trusts that would like support
  3. identify areas of good practice
  4. build a community of coders

We hope that you find this offer a welcome one and that you will find value and support in this much-needed and exciting theme for GIRFT. We believe there has never been a more receptive climate for change in the NHS. With the backing of the coding community, we can take this opportunity to make significant improvements to the profile of coding and data quality, and thereby provide the evidence that underpins vital clinical changes.

There is also a PDF file of the survey below if you  should need this to help plan your responses.