GIRFT Radiology Data Survey

Closed 25 Nov 2019

Opened 31 Oct 2019


Thanks for your continued interest in data issues in Radiology. As discussed at previous meetings,  we have put together a short survey which we hope will highlight some of the key differences in the way we count things. 

We are hoping that once we record the variation in this small sample we will be able to understand the root causes and consider the implications of standardisation. 

We would be really grateful if you could take a few minutes to answer these 18 questions which you should find straightforward. Please do email us with any other points you feel we ought to consider. 

If possible, could you complete the survey by the 25th of November?

Click 'Give us your views'  below to complete the survey.

Thanks again for all your help with this. We will keep you posted.

With best wishes,

Kath, Elaine, Lucy, Giles, Deb, Gill