T&O and COVID-19 | Situation Report 3

Closed 11 Jun 2020

Opened 8 Jun 2020


During this current crisis - and following discussion on BODS forum - we have agreed an objective to collect up-to-date information on changing T&O workload and capacity.

As individuals, knowledge of the pattern of progress around the country is of interest but more importantly, it can inform our discussions with decision-makers.   

This short survey (our third during the pandemic) is aimed at being succinct but still useful enough to encourage weekly data collection during this period of rapid change. The format is not set and suggestions for useful but not onerous fields are welcome. Please detail these in the comments box at the end of the survey.

Going forward, we are looking at collaboration with eTrauma to establish a straightforward mechanism for future data gathering. In the meantime, we will continue to use the Citizen Space system to obtain baseline information.

Please note, this questionnaire is the product of co-operation between British Orthopaedic Association (BOA), GETTING IT RIGHT FIRST TIME (GIRFT), and the British Orthopaedic Directors Society (BODS).

Thank you for your support and sharing of information in this time of crisis.

Bob Handley
National Clinical Lead for GIRFT Orthopaedic Trauma

Vice President BOA

Why We Are Consulting

The Coronovirus pandemic is placing unprecedented stress on the Health Service. During this crisis, it is our role to play our full part in the general NHS response whilst remaining as advocates for our own patients. As a specialty, we have a role to deal with time-sensitive T&O conditions whilst placing the minimum burden on the rest of the health service.  As circumstances and resources allow, we should work towards the resumption of treatment of the full range of patients served by our specialty. In a rapidly changing situation we have much to learn and vigilance is required.

Who will access the data and how will it be further shared?

The questionnaire responses will be stored within the secure IT environment managed by NHS Improvement (NHSI), and will never leave this environment.  Data will be accessed only by GIRFT staff that have NHS Improvement permission to use the secure NHSI IT environment. NHS Improvement may also use the data internally to support wider efficiency and productivity programmes and the delivery of statutory responsibilities.  

Data, in an anonymised form, will be shared with participating trusts at aggregate level via the BOA website.