Moving Same Day Emergency Care patients from current recording method to ECDS

Closed 20 Mar 2020

Opened 31 Jan 2020


Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) is the provision of same day care for emergency patients who would otherwise be admitted to hospital. It is also known as ambulatory emergency care (AEC). A recent national audit of all type 1 providers has indicated that in 2018/19 approximately 1.25m patient episodes were treated in a same day emergency care setting.

Of those:

40% (500k) of these episodes were recorded via APC

15% (187k) via Outpatients

15% via ECDS

15% manual

15% Not at all or unknows 

Target Audience: SDEC data end users, not from providers prespective

Why we are consulting

We are consulting to understand the impact to data end users of moving SDEC activity into the ECDS from current methods.