Team name and identity

Closed 10 Jan 2020

Opened 12 Dec 2019


As part of the Joint Working Programme, we’ve brought together analysts from the NHSE Analytical Services team with the NHSI Economics team. This means that we need to identify better names for the various parts and levels of this new directorate.

Why We Are Consulting

As we start to establish an identity for “our team” (those reporting to Ed and Steven), we want to get involvement from all of you on what this identity should be. In this survey we’d like your inputs on the general themes or topics you think should be reflected in our team name, a space to share any specific name ideas you have (as many or as few as you like!), and any other comments you would like to raise.

We would also like to develop a new name for the wider “Analysis and Economics” group (ie those reporting to Ed, Forrest, Martin and Steven). We’ve included questions in the survey here, and the same questions are being shared with the rest of Analytical Services too. We’ll bring these results together and discuss them at our first SMT meeting in January.