Pulse survey

Closed 17 Aug 2018

Opened 10 Aug 2018


There are 9 questions, each with a 5-point answer scale in the short form of the pulse survey.

There is an off-scale ‘blank vote’ option for each question. This should be selected if you feel you aren’t able to answer a question for whatever reason (which is different from not having an opinion either way).

The survey is entirely anonymous, except for questions to categorise the respondent’s team and an optional question to identify staff grade.

The questions are framed in the present-continuous tense and so designed to take a pulse-check at this current point in time, rather than a holistic view.

The questions are designed to capture the respondents own personal experiences, rather than how the respondent considers the question might apply to the wider team.


What happens next

A data visualisation pack summarising the results will be shared with SMT and the directorate after each survey.