AHP Sustainability

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Closes 31 Jul 2020


1. What professional group do you belong to?
2. What is your primary area of work?
3. What region of the country are you currently practising in?
4. How can AHPs can have the most impact on environmental sustainability? Please select all that apply.
5. Have you undertaken any work to adapt your practice or your service to reduce the impact on one or more of these areas?
6. Have you had an idea about a change that could be made your practice or your service that would reduce the impact but have been unable to implement?
7. What would enable you to progress the idea you have given in response to question 6? Please select all that apply.
8. Any other comments?
9. Would you be willing to be contacted about your ideas and / or for further views as we develop our AHP sustainability plan?
10. Would you be interested in joining an AHP or professional specific network for environmental sustainability?
11. If you answered yes to questions 9 and/or 10, please provide your details below.