Leadership of allied health professions in trusts: what exists and what matters (20/21 re-audit)

Closed 31 Aug 2020

Opened 15 Jul 2020


Over the past three years the National AHP Leadership team for England have had a focus on developing AHP leadership capacity and capability. In 2017 we began our initial work on this through a survey to trusts in England aimed at gaining an understanding  of  their current AHP leadership arrangements. From this work, we were able to establish an evidence base for the guidance we published in 2018,  ‘Leadership of allied health professions in trusts: what exists and what matters’  which was around developing AHP leadership in these organisations.

We are now commencing the next phase of this work, with the aim of reviewing the development of AHP leadership capacity, and how this has changed over the past three years. To achieve this aim, we have developed a new survey, designed to give us updated understanding of leadership for AHPs directly employed by your Trust.  We would be most grateful for your contribution to the survey which should take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete.

Through your input, we will be gain a contemporary view of AHP leadership capacity and capability of the trusts in England which will serve to inform our support offer and allow us to make recommendations going forward to continue the development of AHP leadership and capacity.

What happens next

If you would like to discuss AHP leadership and the support we can offer to help develop this within your trust, please do get in touch with stuart.palma@nhs.net.